Friday, April 30, 2010


I created this piece for an article and it is one I have hanging in my studio because I just love it. The colors, subject matter, words and touch of fabric all bring it together for my style. It started with the fabric swatches and began building from there. The eggs, feather and words were already formed in the plan but something was missing. On my way home while sitting at a stop sign I noticed the gentle breeze blowing these tall grasses and it caught my attention. First for the motion and second for the wonderful color and elongated shape, I knew it would be the perfect addition I needed and it helped create a nice flow through the piece. Once I added the brads to secure the swatches, the painted buttons were added. I liked the repeated round shapes. The color sample gave me a good vertical which the piece needed taking a little attention away from the dark band containing the focal point eggs. The rest are little details added to keep the viewers attention going throughout the piece never resting on one thing, just constant motion. So, what would you have done with the three fabric swatches? How would your style have come out? I hope you give yourself the challenge - it was a lot of fun and I wouldn't want you to miss any!

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