Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Chase

I had the pleasure of chasing this hummingbird moth through the garden today. It really seemed to love the pink phlox and couldn't get enough of it. I captured it in several poses and was shooting so fast there are even some action shots where one leads into another making a little video or sort. It was thrilling really, to see this little creature working the flowers so thoroughly. I know she was there, that muse of mine, how else could I have spotted this little moth that moves at the speed of light within a garden of 1000 flowers? Oh yeah, she was there. Piquing my interest along the way while chasing this wondrous beauty, she's good is all I have to say!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ornamental Beauty

Another photo of the beautiful hibiscus. I just loved the way the light danced around it's delicately textured fuchsia petals letting you see the marvelous ribbing on each one. I had to crop it so that you could also enjoy the spider like bud casings in the upper right highlighted by the light and shadow of the late afternoon sun. Have I convinced you to plant a couple of them in your garden yet? I sure hope so!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink Staging

Every year I take hundreds of photos of our hibiscus. I love everything about them - their intriguingly spiky buds, the unfurling of the large petals, the enormority of the blossoms and the single protruding stamen. Oh yes, let's not forget the colors - wonderful white or pink variations of pastel to bright magenta all with a rich burgund center circle showing off the brilliance of the golden stamen. Perfection in my book. I hope you have these easy to have plant, it is worth it's weight in both stature and prominence in the garden.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Impressions

Some Thesaurus words for "pink" - (for color) blush, coral, flush, fuchsia, roseate, salmon; (as condition) acme, best, fitness, peak, perfection, prime, summit, verdure; (to cut) incise, notch, perforate, punch, scallop.

I am very impressed with this word pink and love the synonym roseate which also means optimistic. The swallowtail on the coneflower was so cooperative just letting me shoot frame after frame barely moving to ensure I was getting its good side. The light reflecting off of its buttery rich golden wings surrounded by the deep, vibrancy of the fuchsia petals and burnt orange centers captivated my attention for quite a long time. Isn't it amazing what you see when you take the time to really look? Can you imagine the view from the butterfly's perspective? It just has to be a merriment of color!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Word - Pink

The word for this week is pink.

Its noun meaning: a light tint of red; any of a genus of plants with narrow leaves often grown for their showy flowers; the highest degree; height.

Its adjective meaning: of the color pink; holding socialistic views.

Its verb meaning: to perforate in an ornamental pattern; pierce, stab; to cut a saw-toothed edge on.

Did you have a clue there were so many definitions for pink? Me either. I picked it for the color because right now our garden is ablaze with multi-faceted views of pink in all of its glorious hues. It is a wonder of brightness and when the light hits it, it makes the garden just magical. I know Venus is sure enjoying the spectacular vision she is privy to in her spot of this mini oasis.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Houston Artist Expo

I spent the last week traveling and teaching at the Houston Art Expo held in The Woodlands Texas. It was a lot of fun for me and the students enjoyed learning about and experimenting with a new technique while creating memories in this inspirational environment. I am planning on submitting again so I hope you can join me June 26-30, 2012. For more information and to see what the convention is about you can go to

About the photo, it's the hotel carpet, I just couldn't help myself. I found it so wonderful to look at and was totally distracted by it anytime I stepped into the hallways. Oh yes, I have about 20 photos from every angle - am I weird or what? LOL :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dreamy Air

I had to free write for 10-15 minutes and found it very exciting because I was actually able to do it. Not only did I keep writing but the subject of air and what I know for sure lead me to really look inside. The text hidden behind the rice paper reads: finding inspiration from the moonlight deep in thought. frantically working until all power is used. falling asleep exhausted only to wake up ready to start again. oh I have missed this excitement. dare I say the muse has enticed me into thinking I am creative I do have a voice I am unique. so I'm giving myself the freedom to dance in the moonlight always!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Earth Explored

While doing my exercises for Earth this week I kept writing about how much I have enjoyed exploring a new medium, searching for my creativity once again and not feeling pressured to create on demand. My muse reminded me that inspiration was all around, I just had to look for it with my artistic self. This earth exploration has brought about the emergence of my hidden creative spirit, represented so refreshingly on these two pages. I cannot wait to see how my evolution with freedom and flight in sight! To read about my art journal beginning go to

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Power of Focus

This is an entrance gate at the Botanica Gardens in Wichita Kansas, isn't it terrific! Not only does it force your attention to focus on the wonderful gazebo graced by water fountains. It also adds such a great architectural detail that I would love to have in my garden. What a welcome is all I can say about this sight. I was excited to go explore and discover before I even opened the gate. If anticipation was the goal, it was achieved and I am thankful for the experience!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blue Gaze

My circle theme continues on and here is another great piece from my Mom's garden. Can you see me? I'm sure I am there somewhere LOL

I fell in love with all the reflections not to mention the intensely vibrant overlapping colors - just spectacular! I really need to get a couple of these for my yard, of course with all the weeds, would I even be able to find it after a season? We'll see, it might be a fun game of hide and seek :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beauty through my Eyes

I just had to turn around. Yes, had to. I couldn't stop thinking about these amazing hay bales I saw along the main highway. There were trucks and cars slowing to look at me while I took these photos and you know what, I was glad. Not only did they have to take time to see what I was looking at, but maybe it made them wonder why. Why was that girl taking photos of that, it's just a bunch of hay in a field? But maybe, just maybe, they saw the beauty in it at that exact moment they were passing by. The golden yellow field with an interesting zigzag pattern dappled with all of the beautiful round circles. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Log Jam

I have been driving by my neighbors the last couple of days intrigued by this pile of logs. Not only does each circular shape contain another but the stack of them is just so interesting to my artistic eye. I loved the way they are just thrown in a pile but yet, each circle is at a different angle adding interest and diversity to each section. The top hole is almost squared in shape letting me see clear through to the other side of the object piquing my curiosity even more. Was that my muse helping me search out my inquisitive side? It had to be, otherwise it is just a pile of cut wood, stacked by the side of the road, right? She is good, really good.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Many Circles

Some Thesaurus words for "circle" - aureole, band, belt, circlet, cirque, coil, colure, corona, crown, curve, cycle, disc, ecliptic, enclosure, embrace, encircle, encompass, ensphere, envelop, globe, halo, horizon, orbit, periphery, revolve, ringlet, round, sphere, turn, vortex, whirl, zodiac.

Wow, what an assortment of words. Do I have a favorite? Yes, of course. Cirque is it for me but only because I love the spelling but for the meaning it would have to be aureole. I picked this photo for all the texture contained on or within each circle. Did you notice the thin spokes, the points on the outside of the back tires? How about the inner circles holding all together? Yes, this machinery is full of our word this week. I wonder how many circles you will now start seeing...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Word - Circle

The word for this week is circle.

Its noun meaning: a closed curve every point of which is equally distant from a fixed point within it; something circular; an area of action or influence; cycle; a group bound by a common tie.

We are working on the element of Earth this week and all I have starting seeing was circular shapes in everything and everywhere. This is a solar light from my mom's garden and I loved two things about it. One, it has a copper butterfly over it giving it another dimension to marvel at. Two, the little sparkles that glow are just so extraordinary in texture, especially with the shadow of the butterfly hitting it just right. I wish I was there to see it glow in the moonlight. Who thinks of these things? A brilliant artist, it just has to be. To put beauty and energy into something so small and unique, oh yeah, the muse was there when this was created!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ignited Spirit

As I cropped this photo I was wondering if any of you caught the butterfly around the woman's face. I made her eye blue like mine, pinked up the lips and gave the cheeks a bit of color but otherwise left the image black and white. She is always pondering so I made the image of her askew, cut the paper at another angle, mounted on another piece then painted in the straight horizon lines in the spirit color to keep her balanced. The match has "ignite" written on it and goes from the spirit to fire to the fizzled out water elements. Did you notice the subtleties? I'm always trying to make the viewer see something up close and personal, did I do the trick with this one? I sure hope so, after all, I have been chasing the muse the last couple of weeks and she is a tricky one :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elements of Myself

This is the first page in my art journal, a reflection of myself within the elements. Can you see me there? I surely can because of the earthy feeling of the whole page. Brown as an overall color grounding the whole page. My love of nature in the painted frog and dragonfly plus the additions of the feather and paper butterflies. My fascination of words using them to represent each color as well as defining the element word. The adoration of texture is all around the pages in everything painted, stamped, added and collaged with, I just couldn't get enough! Have you decided on your element yet? As you can see, mine was decided for me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elemental Notes

This is the notes page to my art journal. I wanted to include all the element colors with white being my air. Circles and hearts are very important to me so I've added some for varied interest of texture and shapes. The library card in the paper pocket will be a directory of sorts for the notes to follow. I will be adding more to the left hand page but I want to get further along before I make that decision. So, what do the elements means to you and do you have a favorite? Hope you'll share with me along this exploration.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Elements Art Journal

I am taking an online course entitled "The Elements of Art Journaling" with Effy Wild. My adventure is just starting and I have to say I love it so far. Not only is the class structured with us thinking about the elements but her videos are great learning tools. I'm just so pleased that my muse made our paths cross otherwise I would have not been able to take this creative journey and not know what I would be missing.

If you have some time her class is still available at

Monday, July 4, 2011


I knew I had a very patriotic image from New Orleans somewhere. A little digging around in the photo files and voila, here it is. Oh, do I miss the energy and excitement of my first visit to the French Quarters of New Orleans. My artistic side will never be the same, that's for sure. It was unleashed and experienced a whole lifestyle so different from anything I had ever seen or heard. So, on this 4th of July, I hope you are enjoying family, friends and fireworks with a whole new level of enjoyment. May you sparkle, boom and be colorful!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stormy Weather

Ok, so are you singing the title song now? Just had to set the mood :) My clever muse made me look up today at the beauty of the stormy sky. The dark clouds, the sultry blues and yet a little flash of light just off the horizon. Could it be more picturesque? I'm really not thinking so. If anything this cropped photo shows off just how small each and every one of us is in the grand scheme of things. Humbled and a little taken back with a feeling of what is she trying to tell me? Maybe it's just to appreciate every thing, every day, no matter what the day brings. Ahhh, she is a smart one, that muse of mine.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Bee

The muse showed up at the book club last night to help me celebrate and appreciate beauty and strength in various ways. The story of Little Bee is one of strength, courage, beauty and great story telling. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. Buy one for a friend so you have someone to discuss it with. My book club is not only a group of women so special, intelligent, sharing and nurturing but they have taught me to be myself. That is huge and for me, and not an easy task I was willing to tap in to. I find it amazing that reading a book, sharing a meal and voicing our thoughts has been something I so look forward to that I miss it tremendously when I am unable to go. So, miss muse, I get it - be yourself, celebrate your differences - it is what makes you so special!