Thursday, April 22, 2010

Powerful Reach

Our magnolia tree was so overloaded with blooms this year that it was just magnificent. I took this picture on a bright sunny day and it looks like it has been altered with the sky such a rich royal blue but trust me, this is the way the photo came out - no retouching here. The graceful way the front blossoms are reaching for the sky is very powerful to me. It not only extends towards the sky with the beauty of a dancer but offers up such freedom as if in a dream. I know, why does my brain think of such things? Only I could get such ideas from a branch reaching to the light of the sun but that is the emotion the photo makes me feel and I am sharing. The way the light is hitting it with such extremes of light and dark, I know this would be a great piece of art. The color combination alone would be very interesting to play with. It's way out of my comfort zone but that might be a nice challenge after all. Isn't that what art is, challenging yourself to create something different, emotional and expressive? To me it is definately the start of a project. I'll get working on it. Be creative and think outside your comfort zone, who knows what will happen!

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