Wednesday, February 22, 2012

White Velvet

Here's another shot of the gorgeous amaryllis showing it's true colors against daylight. I love the velvety texture of each petal and if you look closely, you see all it's magnificence in the sparkly sheen seen where the light hits it the brightest. It almost has a metallic quality one that I didn't really see until looking at the photograph. I guess that is the greatest thing about being an artist, you are always amazed by the ordinary details. My job as a creative, is to help you discover them with me, seeing the adventure through my eyes. I hope you liked it so far!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My friend Cindy sent me an amaryllis bulb for Christmas and I have to say it has been blooming for over 6 weeks now and it is beautiful. I have never had the pleasure of owning one, only just admired them from afar. I wanted to show you the vibrancy of the lime green that is in the center of the flower. It is just not what you expect yet it is so beautiful the way it tints the veins of each petal every so slightly making you notice them upon closer inspection. The multi colored stamen shooting right into your face are a little blurry but just another interesting aspect of this specimen. I hope you will grace your home with one or more of these next year, believe me, I will be looking for the bulbs and maybe get another surprise next year. Here's hoping anyways :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Bug

Will you bee mine, valentine?
A simple question but one that can be filled with mixed emotions. Love, like, friends, lovers - what's in store for you today? Me, I will be working in the studio with my husband John followed by two little puppies Captain Jack and Princess Sophie. An evening planned with a romantic dinner for two eaten by candlelight and a bit of mood music sprinkled with a little chocolate. How could that be wrong, right? After 31 years together, I still think he's the bees knees and for that I will be forever grateful. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

For some more LOVE - I'm joining in a Lovely Blog Hop commemorating this serendipitous holiday but also our love of art. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and the smell of crayons will still bring a huge smile to my face. Can you smell them? I knew you would be smiling! On a recent trip, my mom commented that I was always pointing out ordinary things and making her really look at what I was seeing. It may have been just clouds in the sky but from my point of view, they were the prettiest and most colorful I had ever seen. Isn't that what art is about, sharing a piece of you so others can discover the beauty in front of them? I sure hope so! So please join me and visit my fly tribe members blogs and see what my art community looks like - enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Word - First

The word for this week is first.

Its adjective meaning: preceding all others as in time, order or importance.

Its adverb meaning: before any other; for the first time; in preference to something else.

The crocus are the first flowers to appear after our winter season here in the Midwest and they are always something I look forward to. We have several colors such as deep violet, golden yellow, white, and striated. The bloom size also vary giving us different looks within a brief period of time. My favorite is when you see their luscious color popping through the wintry white snow making you stop and take notice immediately. We planted them right outside my studio window to give me hope that spring is coming no matter what weather we are experiencing at the time. Their leaves are long and slender with a fantastic white stripe going down the center. The blooms and leaves are so mismatched in shape and size but I think that is part of their beauty and charm. When you see them, let me know, I'll be waiting to hear from you...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Iced Over

We had a quick, wet snow that left everything glistening and enchantingly covered in white. I love looking out at this wonderland sight while listening to the trees creak with the weight of the icy snow. It left me with imaginative dreams of fairytale proportions, but it could have been the influence of watching Narnia just before bedtime also :D Either way, it let my creativity delve into a place I rarely go and I'm very appreciative of that. So what does this scene make you think of? Hopefully something deliciously charming to dream about all day long!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bee*guiling Charm

Some Thesaurus words for "fascinate" - allure, animate, arouse, attract, beguile, bewitch, charm, delight, draw, enchant, engage, enrapture, excite, gladden, hypnotize, intoxicate, invite, kindle, lure, mesmerize, owerwhelm, pique, please, provoke, ravish, rivet, seduce, stimulate, stir, tantalize, thrill, transfix, transport.

All I can say is "wow" are there some fantastic words up there, who knew? I just might have to use each of them as my word of the week just to enjoy them a little longer. If I had to pick my favorite, definately pique would be it. Not only because I love the spelling so much (the "q" gets me every time) but it has such a mysterious sound to it and transports me to another place of adventure. Which is yours and what does it inspire for you? I hope something wonderful and exciting!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Word - Fascinate

The word for this week is fascinate.

Its verb meaning: to transfix and hold spellbound by an irresistible power; allure; to be irresistible attractive.

I have been thinking a lot about what I love to share and well, it's the little everyday things in nature that I am totally fascinated by. The brightly colored insects that Mother Nature has so graciously left for us to observe in astonished wonderment. I have been missing them during the abnormally warm but drab winter months so I went through my photos to find a colorful bit of inspiration. The vibrant greens, the warm oranges, can you feel the warmth of summer yet? I'll take the thawing of the earth any day now, just spatter it with tiny jewels to capture my artistic side. May it keep me focused on what really matters - little bits of every day found everywhere if you are willing to see it through all the noise of life. Dream in color my friends, ahhh...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Can You See Me?

I wanted something to brighten my outlook today and picked this photo because it is just so cheerful in coloration. The title refers to the hummingbird moth in flight. Did you see it? They are one of my most favorites things to spot in the garden and I'm always tickled pink when I see several of them working the flowers. I think the phlox are their favorite though because I can almost always find one or two of them there. I stood quietly with my eyes closed one day to see if I could hear them. The faint hum can be heard and it is quite distinct once you are familiar with the sound. If you ever see something small darting across your flower tops, I can guarantee it is probably a hummingbird moth. The don't seem to mind having their pictures taken either, just remember to have it on a quick speed for the best shots. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Palette - Kale

I love kale especially this colorful variety. I thought it would be an interesting study of color to be pulled out into a palette. The top three swatches can be found in the lovely magenta center of the kale. The bottom swatch is found deep within the leaves, who knew it would be such a deep dark violet. The dancing curled edging adds so much texture giving the light a chance to sparkle here and there giving your eye a treat in the process. It has to be my favorite part and one day I know I will do a rendering of this plant, maybe an extreme close up just to show the lovely detail of light and shadow on a frilly highway. I hope the next time you see this unobtrusive plant, you stop to wonder what wondrous colors are hiding amongst the petals.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Activity

We feed a lot of birds throughout the year and the bluejays are some of my favorites. Not only is their color a welcome sight during the drab almost colorless winter months but the various blues, bright whites and sharp black stripes in action are sure to attract your attention no matter where you are. Here's a great photo of 7 specimen just waiting for me to take the picture already :D