Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flower Power

Here's another part of the applique that I have been sharing. This flower is one of two that actually form a "u" shape above the curved vine where the bird is located. As you can see I've used several different fabrics for the berries and now you have a larger photo of the ruler leaves. Notice that I kept the lines of the leaves running the same direction for a little continuity. There are also bees on this piece that I'm wanting to put tulle wings on, I just haven't been able to figure out their shape just yet.

So, what would your wall hanging have looked like? Do you think you would have been as adventurous with your fabric choices? I hope you said "yes." If "no," I hope that you will reconsider and let your imagination take over when choosing fabric, paint, clothing - whatever you are looking for at the moment. Common can be pretty boring unless you are trying to blend in with the crowd. Step out of your box and discover your creative world!

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