Friday, April 2, 2010

Twig Tangler

These two daffodils are being held hostage by the little budding branch. I loved the color differences of the dainty blooms all white and yellow to the budding branch full of dark greens and browns. Even the textures are quite interesting. The transparent petals, the ruffled trumpet, the extremely structured leaves, the fragile tiny buds against the sharpness of the branches are all thing I notice when looking for good photos or design. I want to be intrigued to look closer to a subject. I want to look for the details that don't seem important until you are face to face with them. The composition would be fun to work with because it is so vertical making the flower blooms look like they are just sitting on top of the world. Imagine a background of sky blue instead of the brown, what a difference that would make to this tangled duo. Don't limit yourself to the photo, let it be just the beginning of your creativity!

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