Thursday, April 1, 2010


I absolutely fell in love with the lighting on this daffodil pair. The yellow hue is so intense with the sun shining on it but the cast shadows have such great shapes and color I just had to share. I love the texture of the brown, wrinkled leaf as well as the green climbing up the first flower - can't you feel the warmth of the day? The trumpets have a yellowed orange coloration that gets deeper into the shaded area letting them fade into the background a little more. I cropped the picture in this position because it added a little intrigue forcing the energy of the photo off the page into the darker side. I find myself studying the shadows more than the intensity, what part are you looking at? Why is that? The drama, the color, the location of the object - all of these are personal statements about your design opinions. I hope you are taking the time to let them guide you in to inspiration!

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