Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Le Luna

The antennae upon magnification of the luna moth are just spectacular, wouldn't you agree? I was fortunate to come across this wonderful specimen right outside my doorway and couldn't help taking a couple photos. The bright minty lime green of the wings combined with the celestial gold of the furry body and feathered antennae are just a way of nature coming together in the most mysterious ways. This moth usually flies only at night and I can only imagine the beautiful exotic sight it must be lit up by the moonlight.

For me the moon is a special sight, one I appreciate every night. I am usually in my studio working on something so I feel powered by its presence. I work better at night without the daily distractions of the phone, chores or anything else that comes along. Procrastination is one of my downfalls and one that I avoid when working in the evening. The calm darkness surrounds the windows of the studio only shining on the little garden of bulbs found right outside. The colors take on a different variation letting me speculate on their shapes and forms which in turn gets my creativity jumping. What does it take for you to get excited and imagining? I hope it is the simple things, one that you can just look around at and be totally inspired by. So, take a look, be inspired, create something wonderful and call it a day - enjoy day dreaming by moonlight!

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