Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Thinking

So today it was dreary with a bit of rain creating a very melancholy mood for myself. It got me thinking about art, life and what matters most. So what is it for you that matters? Me, a happy and comfortable life with laughter, creativity and inspiration not to mention trust, intelligence and independence. I require all of those to keep me going, motivated and to simply enjoy every day. I'm very fortunate to make art as a living and I appreciate that. But I also strive very hard to improve, grow, challenge and learn new and interesting things to keep me discovering more ways of self expression. Living an artful life in my home, studio and in art is important to me fully being in the moment. What would happen if you placed a big vase of leaves on the table, brought in a rock or twig with some interesting berries, and put it out for all to see. What kind of conversation do you think this would create with family and friends? Mine, just that I'm an artist and see things differently, eclectically and well, appreciate beauty in just about everything. I hope you see the every day for what it is, just beautiful!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Have you ever read a book that just transported your whole being somewhere else? Well, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern did just that for me. The book was written with such magical, imaginative details that my head was spinning from start to finish. Not only did I picture each image as she described it but the smells, textures and wondrous tents filled my artistic brain with adventures of discovery and intrigue. I was taken in, experienced the illusionists artistry, and left with a wanting to go and explore this magical event. Here's how the black and white table looked for my book club, it was by far a lovely, enchanted evening for everyone who attended. Thank you ladies for a wonderful night!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Nested Creativity

I love when the robins start collecting items for their nests. You see them looking at everything in a new way. The tall grasses from the pond, the empty husks from last years corn fields, the bit of lint from the dryer - it's all part of their wonderful creations. I love photographing them and they really do get use to me since I try to get there every other day to see what has changed. Are there eggs, baby birds, fledglings or is it empty? This one was abandoned when I peeked inside but I know it was a home for 3 young robins to start their life and I am very thankful to have been there for the experience! Still beautiful from the outside like a creative studio waiting for another inhabitant to occupy its craftsmanship. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? Take a look around you today and see what kind of inspiration awaits!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 Days, 5 Canvases Intro

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Word - Contemplation

The word for this week is contemplation.

Its verb meaning - to view or consider with continued attention; intend.

This is a statue of a boy and girl but my focus was on the coy, bashful girl contemplating the weight of the world or maybe just giving those wonderful spring phlox all her attention. Either way, it made me wonder what she was thinking with her hand up under her chin giving something a bit of serious thought. When was the last time you were so lost in thought that the world around you just happened to disappear for the briefest of seconds? Me, almost everyday. I am an artist after all and it is my job to give even the slightest inkling a second or two. You just never know when the next best idea will come out and find you! I do hope you take the time to daydream about something wonderful if even for a split second or two. Enjoy the serendipitous moment!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Field of Poppies

The flaming orange caught my eye. You couldn't help it really, it was almost ablaze with the sun catching the vibrancy just right. I drove around the block just to see it again wishing I had my camera with me. Why is it I never have it when I need it? So I noted the time and went back the next day and guess what, they were just as beautiful as I had thought they were. There was a huge patch of these luscious poppies just wanting their turn to be photographed. I loved the way the sun caught each petal and made it illuminating. This shot I fell in love with. Not only because they are all facing the same way. Nope, it's the proportion of that tiny little stem holding up these voluminous blossoms. Did you see them? Were you thinking the same thing? I love natural surprises and this for sure is one to remember!

Monday, June 4, 2012


I wanted to share my latest Colored Pencil of the Month Club project with you entitled "Stacked!" I love white clematis and we only have one that took so it is really special to me. Not only are the blooms fantastic but they are as large as a small dinner plate. This one grows next to a tree and I actually have to stand on my tiptoes to view its bright treasures. I wish I could take credit for the composition but well, it actually was growing like that so I took advantage of Mother Nature's design skills and added a few of my little artistic touches to make it into an art piece. It was a lot of fun to render will all the white and off white values tinted with blue and green. But my favorite has to be that it is framed with deep, dark loveliness giving all the dimension needed to show off those wonderful blossoms. I hope you check them out, you won't be disappointed!