Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Modest Glimpse

While out in the yard yesterday I couldn't help but notice our prairie fire crab apple tree. Not only is it a profusion of deep magenta but there are so many blooms this year that the tree seems a little bit overwhelmed. I'll share a branch photo tomorrow but today I wanted to give you a glimpse of one of our statues with a touch of color. There is also another one blooming in the background completing the picture. I found it quite stunning and might even frame the photo to hang in the living room. Should I make it black and white for the drama or keep it in full color? Hummmm, the choices. I'll give them both a try and let you know which one I've chosen at a later date.

We have had great color this year starting with the golden daffodils, stunning white star magnolias and cherry tree, the pale pink crab apples and magnolia, the white daffodils and blooming fruit trees, the deep magenta of the smaller magnolias and the prairie fire crab apples to the now blooming soft violet lilacs. It has been inspiring to say the least and the smell of the lilacs is just intoxicating and one I look forward to each and every year. I hope you have taken the time to appreciate mother natures beauty in the springtime, I know I have!

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