Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Word - Dramatic

The word for this week is dramatic.

Its noun meaning: a literary composition designed for theatrical presentation; dramatic art, literature, or affairs; a series of events involving conflicting forces. Dramatic is the adjective of drama.

When looking for just the right photo this week I was inspired by the star magnolia once again. Not only is the light casting wonderful shadows on the foreground petals creating a mysterious mood but we are also given a glimpse of the hidden pink hue of the center. The dark menacing bark color mixed with the brightness of the flower petals is creating a scene that is very dramatic in my thoughts. Add the touch of intensely rich green in the background and you have one perfect photo. Cropped tightly to show off the magnificent white values of the blossom, who could ask for anything better? Isn't it great how the front petals have just a hint of rosy pink to them? Nature does work in mysterious ways and I appreciate all that I see each and every day. I hope you are starting to take advantage of the adventure we have embarked on together and are really beginning to see all the glory that surrounds you!

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