Sunday, April 25, 2010


These little gems have been growing in our grassy yard all spring now and they are now starting to take over. I almost hate to mow because I know they won't reappear again until next year. I did start really looking them over and found they come in many colors but all the same structure. These miniature soft red violet ones are my favorite variety though. While studying the ground while walking, not advised in a bumpy yard by the way, I did notice there were other flowers coming up as well. There is the little pansy violet, a red flowered trillium variety, tiny thumbelinas and the very colorful dandelion. All of them are different heights and each are individual in their structure. Amazing is all I can think of! When you think of the energy they store to appear in the spring season and all of this occurs within the size of your palm. Watch where you step and beware of the bumps.

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