Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Commanding Attention

Some Thesaurus words for "power" - authority, command, domination, dynamism, energy, forcefulness, horsepower, influence, intensity, might, omnipotence, prestige, regency, right, rule, strength, superiority, vigor.

Another photo of the commanding wind turbines - do they get your attention or what? I can say that they attracted mine but how can you miss them. They fill a field and along a boring interstate they give you something to think and wonder about and I appreciate that. Nothing like a strange sight to get your imagination and creativity heated up.

So, how does that apply to artwork? Well, I am always trying to have the power to entice the viewing audience to take a closer look. Since I deal with details that wouldn't be seen without a personal glance, I have to attract attention. How do I go about this? By making something larger than life such as my "shades of green" dragonfly which measures 16x20. You can hear the ohhs and ahhs as they look at the piece. When doing a technique the viewer hasn't seen much such as "touch of sunshine" which makes the intensity of the rose stand out amongst the pale outer petals bringing together such delicateness that you can't help but notice. Connecting things that wouldn't normally be together like "the button" that features a candy jordan almond egg (thanks Cassie!) instead of a real one. All these have one thing in common - a useful imagination that will attract attention, I can guarantee it. So, venture outside your comfort zone and reach for the power!

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