Monday, March 8, 2010

Word - Surprise

The word for this week is surprise.

Its noun meaning: an attack made without warning; a taking unawares; something that surprises; amazement, astonishment.

Its verb meaning: to come upon and attack unexpectedly; amaze; to cause astonishment or surprise.

To come upon unexpectedly, that is exactly what happened while I was photographing flowers in the garden. I was taking aim, heard a flutter, looked up and saw a flash of golden yellow luminosity. All I could think of was...What was that? Look how big! Where's it going? I've got to get a picture! Needless to say it was very cooperative with my attack and let me get some great shots as this one is evident. It is an Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly and I am very thankful it let me share in its beauty. To this day whenever I'm in the yard, I look for a splash of goldenrod to appear within the flowerbeds. I know what to expect now but I am still amazed by its beauty and brilliance each and every time I see it. Nature is just a wonderland for the senses, enjoy them when you get the chance!

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