Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hidden Bee

I love these dark irises that are almost black in color unless the sun hits them turning them the most beautiful blue violet hue. Aren't they pretty exotic looking?
I didn't even notice the bee until I started cropping the photo. It looks like a planned shot with the little bee standing on the edge deciding whether or not to go in for some nectar.

I sometimes feel like that little bee when I'm trying to decide which path to take my business down. I'm working on that right now, to stay where I'm comfortable or jump into another arena and let my creativity soar and reach for new heights. I'm always up for a challenge and usually jump in feet first, thinking about the after effects later. The possibilities in the art world are endless, I'm just wondering which road will be the correct one for myself. To see me write "let my creativity soar" and actually read the words out loud, how can I not take a risk? I'll keep you posted!

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