Monday, March 1, 2010

Word - Focus

The word for this week is focus.

Its verb meaning: to bring or come to a focus (rays of light); center; to adjust the focus of.

Its noun meaning: a point at which rays (as of light, heat, or sound) meet or diverge or appear to diverge; focal length, central point.

After reading the meaning as "a point which rays meet or diverge," I chose this as an appropriate photo for focus. I love the allium bulb for its great presence in the garden, the wonderful lilac color, the tall straight stem and the great seed pod it leaves behind. It is an addition to the garden that we have in several different places because it creates such a terrific focal point.

Besides the garden focus, I have also been making a business strategy for myself giving me a mental plan if you will. There is a lot to do when you create from home and you always wear many hats so picking and choosing which takes the majority of your time is sometimes a challenge. I'm getting organized and making goal lists to keep me on track during the week, now if only things would go as I planned. Wish me luck and may the creative juices start overflowing!

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