Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Worker

I am fascinated by all things "bee" related - their body structure, the hive, honey, bee skeps, honeycomb, beeswax and their order of life. The queen bee reigns while the others tend to the tedious job of making her happy - what a life! This little worker was caught with his legs in the nectar jar of a tulip and I was more than happy to watch him take a well needed siesta.

The shadows are just so interesting here and make you see more of the flower center than you do. I like the rippled petal and the bees delicate wing shadow. Can you see how much lighter it is in value than the body shadow? An amazing sight I have to admit. The pink was so vibrant because of the nice sunny day that it turned the bees body to a nice rosy orange, incredible. Light and shadows are something I will never get tired of seeing because it varies with each and every object no matter how small. Take some time to follow the sun and see what interesting objects get in its path, the journey will be well worth it!

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