Friday, March 19, 2010

Hint of Magenta

This is the final photo for Queen Anne's Lace. It has been a wonderful example for flair don't you think? I have enjoyed sharing the various stages and changes this plant goes through in each photo. I think it is kind of splashy and a great representation. Did you notice the center of this bloom? It has a hint of magenta in its center. Not all of the blossoms have this but the one that grows by our pond does so I think it is kind of special.

Now that you have been exposed to flair in a new and hopefully imaginative way, what are you doing to add it to your business practices? I am working on some new designs and trying to give them a certain zip if you will. I feel I have been sticking to the photos a little too much and have lost my creative self a bit. Back to my roots and adding the unexpected. That creativity has gotten me this far and I hope it carries me along in the future. Find your style and don't be afraid to express it! After all, it is what sets us all apart.

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