Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The first time I spotted this tiny jewel I was walking around the yard looking for anything of interest to take photos of. It was hiding in the tall grass but the bright yellow stamen caught my eye and forced me to look closer. On inspection, I discovered a flower about the size of my thumb (hence my nickname of Thumbelina) from top to bottom. The flowers construction intrigued me to no end. The soft gentle curve of the stem, the exotic way the petals flew into the air exposing the stamen, not to mention a giant single leaf protecting this fragile specimen. How did Mother Nature design this one? I'm sure glad she did though, it has been a great inspiration for me. I featured it in my Bold Blossoms Book and am working on a colored pencil design with it. So tiny yet completely fascinating to my creative energies. I'm glad they are prosperous because a couple years later I have found them in groups living in our mulched flowerbeds YEAH!

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