Thursday, March 11, 2010

White Bewilderment

Some Thesaurus words for "surprise" - abruptness, awe, bewilder, curiosity, dazzle, disillusion, dumbfound, electrify, flabbergast, floor, jolt, marvel, phenomenon, perplex, rattle, shock, stagger, unexpected, unsettle, wonderment.

When I saw the word bewilder I thought of the perfect photo - a white spider mum. This one was from the table when I had the book club here. We read "Reading Lolita in Tehran", I served Mediterranean food and the whole evening was a lively discussion.

If you think about the flowers complexity, it is overwhelming yet it is just a simple bloom. One blossom of a floral arrangement that might have gone unnoticed. Would you have given it a second look? Of course the intriguing circular pattern is wonderful and I can't wait to do something artistic with this one. Maybe as a faded background, sure to add interest to any piece of artwork - hummm, my creativity is ramping up, watch out!

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