Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Psychedelic Seeds

I wanted to share some Thesaurus words for "focus" - center, core, concentrate, converge, fixate, hone in, hub, get detail, pinpoint, polestar, target, sharpen.

I picked this photo detail to target the colorful berries on the poke weed plant. It is a tall, gangly looking wild perennial that pops up everywhere and will take over if you aren't careful. The quality I just love is that it has these astonishingly thick red stalks and strange but spectacular hanging berries that are varied in color depending on their maturity. The birds just love them and it is a familiar sight in our yard to see the whole bush just shaking from within. We have witnessed at least 30 robins on one bush just eating until contentment struck. Who wouldn't love the look of them? If we eat with our eyes first, what a delightful feast!

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