Sunday, March 28, 2010

Word - Energy

The word for this week is energy.

Its noun meaning: vigorous action; effort; capacity for action; capacity for performing work; usable power such as heat or electricity; the resources for producing such power.

I have just come back from my local painting chapters, Old Mill Decorative Painters, annual retreat. We had such fun and laughter was heard throughout the retreat center at any given minute but what I focused in on was the imaginative energy. Whenever you get a roomful of talented people, the ideas and creativity just come pouring out waiting to be captured by any willing party. I love the intensity and almost crave it when at home in my studio so I try to remember the moments and call upon them whenever I need to. It is just a trick for my imagination but one that works very well for me. So, harness the energy whenever you get the chance!

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