Friday, March 5, 2010

The Hatchling

Last Spring we had several nests in the fruit trees that I was able to take photos of. I love the nest shapes so anytime I see one I'm intrigued. I like they way they really tuck them into the trees so that they blend in naturally. The small branch with the yellow leaf was actually part of the nest, cool huh? I captured this nest from a single egg and watched the hatchlings develop and grow. The photos were not the greatest because the momma robin was watching and squawking the whole time but after a while she got used to me. This one is my favorite because of its simplicity. Can you see the hidden beak reaching for the sunshine? I know, you really had to focus didn't you. To me, this is half of the excitement, looking for something wonderful to capture in a photograph. I'm happy to share and I'll try to surprise you from time to time, isn't that why you keep on reading?

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