Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Word - Crash 20/30

The word of the week is crash.

Its verb meaning - to break noisily; smash.

Its noun meaning - a loud sound; an instance of crashing; collision; a sudden failure.

The sound of the waves crashing in and out of the sandy beach is almost deafening. You can feel the energy, the force it has upon arrival. It is a sound I miss hearing everyday and try to imagine it often because it soothes my mind and gives it clarity in a moments notice. This photo captures it perfectly for me. The crash in the middle of calmness, just waiting for the arrival of a surface to collide with. Its color change an indication of what it coming, like a warning sign for all to see. Can you feel it? The powerful energy heading my way is going to make a beautiful, smashing appearance. I can't wait and thank you friends for being along for the ride and new direction about to immerse!

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