Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Linnie Blooms Design Team 13/30

I am so thrilled to be sharing my first project "InCogNitO" as part of the Linnie Blooms design team! I know you will love their products which you can find here http://linda-barutha.squarespace.com/shop/

"InCogNitO" was created to show my talents of quirky meets realism and as you can see, this one hit it spot on. I am in a steampunk kind of mood lately because I am currently designing my next online e-course Steampunk Series No. 2. I just had to use the wonderful stencil by Artist Cellar and well, I let it set the tone with all of its disappearing gear edges. The wonderful canvas bird is the Linnie Blooms shape I chose to be my focal point for this tiny 7x5" canvas but I love how it commands your attention. I decided to add a human eye instead of a birds to capture your imagination and wonder if it could be possible that it may just have one like this. Surrounded by the dark color band it is all I can see and I love that! It ignites my creative juices to the unlimited color palettes this would look good in. What would you use? It's simplicity is the beauty of this alluring piece and for a step-by-step PDF please visit their website. Enjoy my first Linnie Blooms project!

Now you can find my project on the LB blog and on their websites here
Linnie Blooms by Linda Barutha
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  1. This is just wonderful, Kelly!! Love that you added a real-life twig too! Such a sweet colour palette!