Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let the Sun Shine 1/30

We have one sunflower right outside the back door and I have been watching it evolve from bud to bloom after bloom. It isn't tall, it isn't large, it isn't spectacular but I absolutely love it. The brilliance of the yellow hue. The intensity of the sunshine on its petals. The quest for its face to be in the direction of the sun. Could you really ask anything more of a flower? I think not. This one is straight up reaching for all the glorious sun rays it can soak in, love that! When was the last time you just opened your arms and stood still, listening, letting your skin warm, soaking in your environment around you? Oh yeah, I think it is time...give yourself the gift of being surrounded by sunshine. What are you waiting for, the sun awaits your beauty!

Please follow me as I attempt to get blogging again regularly
30 days, 30 blogs - have fun reading!


  1. I'm in with you! I have a sunflower that faces my den (where I spend too much time instead of the studio) and I too love the way it tracks the suns rays and turns it's brilliant face to follow. Looking forward to the next 29 days (will be gone a few of them but will catch up)

  2. how can I use a cute name rather than the anonymous, I don't mind putting out there who I am! : )