Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Step Forward 15/30

Some Thesaurus words for "breakthrough" - boost, development, discovery, find, finding, gain, hike, improvement, increase, invention, leap, progress, rise, step forward.

Wow, these are some powerful words! So I searched until I found the same in a photograph. The beautiful magnolia reaching, drenched in sunlight. Is there anything more radiant or glorious? I'm not thinking so. It is also such a great representation of how I feel, as if awakened and pulled from darkness letting the sun shine in and around my whole being. Bright and blinding, full of the possibilities that await my art, my creativity, my design skills. Oh yes, it is a big wondrous world we live in, I do hope you are taking advantage of its generosity!


  1. nothing say possibility like a of the first blooms of spring around here and infused with such bounty and hope.

    glorious thoughts...


  2. I know how you feel Kelly. I am right there with you! The magnolia is gorgeous : )

  3. What a lovely state to be experiencing! And you chose a perfect photo to represent it. Beautiful magnolias.

  4. There are many such magnolias around open and filling the world with their beauty. And I love that you are feeling that way as well. It's so wonderful to be around to witness.