Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Snowflake 6/30

Some Thesaurus words for "cluster" - array, assemblage, band, batch, bevy, body, bunch, bundle, clump, clutch, collection, covey, crew, gathering, hunk, knot, lot, pack, party, set.

I love, adore, seek out Queen Anne's lace whenever possible. Its tiny white cluster of flowers remind me of a summer snowflake. Lacy, frilled edges, a softness around the perimeter getting stronger towards the middle. This one even had a tiny magenta red center, a little surprise for those who have taken the moment for a closer inspection. What do you think was going through Mother Natures' mind when she was at her easel? Do you think she was longing for winter after the steamy, hot days of August? That is what I'm going to believe. After all, it does make me think of snowflakes and cool, crisp air!


  1. I love queen annes lace!!

    One summer we brought some in and discovered to our delight three catepillars crawling around. We let them be, kept the queen anne's lace and sure enough ... they entered pupa and chrysalis stage and soon we had black swallowtail butterflies. Thankfully the wings are wet when they emerge so they don't immediately start fluttering. We had time to watch them and then set the vase outside to release them.
    so magical.

    1. what a great surprise, would have loved having the pleasure to witness that magic!