Monday, August 5, 2013

Word - Cluster 5/30

The word for this week is cluster.
Its noun meaning - group, bunch
Its verb meaning - to grow or gather in a cluster

I picked this word after looking at the definition for the flower I photo-graphed and loved it.
Phlox - any of a genus of American herbs that have tall stalks with showy spreading terminal clusters of flowers.

The Phlox are huge this year, about 4 feet tall and their colors just say
"I'm here!" I couldn't resist the vibrant color and the massive clusters throughout the garden. I love the teardrop buds just waiting to open speckled here and there amongst the blooms. I also loved the composition of this photo because of the way the bottom flower is all by itself and the dark green of the right gives me such a pretty edge to appreciate. The veining and the ever so slight touch of white in the center really helps make this a beautiful flower. Would you stop to get a closer look? I sure hope so!

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  1. My wild phlox have recently started blooming and yes, they are quite spectacular this year!