Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walking Stick

When I first spotted this insect it was walking across the side of the house, too high to photograph. It took a couple of years before I found one again and this time I took a lot of pictures. I find this insect so intriguing because of the way it mimicks a stick yet is able to function as well. Did you know the female can get up to 10 inches long? Strange as it may be, I like its weird appearance and creepy manner.

I have always wanted to do a piece of artwork that resembled a woodland floor with fallen leaves and sticks. I would include the walking stick and the leaf butterfly so you wouldn't notice them until you really looked at the details up close and personal. I like to do that whenever possible with my pieces - they look one way from a distance and you notice all the subtle details when you view it up close. Imagine their surprise and delight in finding all the hidden jewels - the smile would be great!

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