Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flowers Theme

To finish off this weeks word gutsy I looked up the meaning of determination and found the exact definition I wanted: firm or fixed purpose. This ties in perfectly with the painted piece shown. I was given the wood piece and theme of "flowers" for this design challenge from SDP. Since I knew others would design with flowers, I was determined to do the piece without putting a flower on it. So the percolation process began with exploring water, earth, seeds and the garden. With those elements in mind, the piece is framed by brown earth, the main section painted the color of water with drops intermittently sprinkled around, seeds and pods represent flowers future and past, the butterfly is natures pollinator, the article references the gardens possibilities, the color swatch and shears the potting shed. By the way, it was the only piece to not include a flower out of more than 20 designers. So you see, thinking outside the box will make you stand out among all the roses.

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