Friday, February 5, 2010


How observant are you in your daily life? I am always on the lookout for a different view of something ordinary. It's what I seek as an artist, a new look at something most people wouldn't stop twice at. It's what people have come to know me and my artwork for, that little extra twist. That's good because you can usually spot my work just because of that something more, an exciting look at the usual.

Take a bird nest (another favorite object of mine) - it's small, hidden at most times but in the winter the nest comes into view. Add a bit of a snow storm and you get a snow cone complete with a nest for the waffle cone. I couldn't resist cropping the photo to include the miniature frozen crab apples. Add the layering of all the branches and their wonderful values and I'm a happy artist! If I could have gotten a bird on the branch it would have been a perfect picture, maybe next time. So keep an open mind and take a closer look while we are in the winter season, you never know what you might find awaiting you!

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