Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Small but Important

Here are some Thesaurus words for "possible" - achievable, adventitious, credible, doable, fortuitous, imaginable, indeterminate, potential, realizable, workable.

When I think of these words insects come to mind - so small yet they have such an important job to do through pollination. Imagine being so tiny in the scope of the world and having such a crucial role to play. I am always fascinated by these tiny wonders and try to make their tasks easier by having a flower garden plus flowering and fruiting trees available to them. Make it worth their while and they will find you. I like to think we are doing our job for the environment by making food available to creatures large and small. What are you doing to help? A small question, but a very critical one. I hope it gives you something to ponder! By the way, this beautifully intriguing specimen is a hummingbird moth enjoying some bee balm.

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