Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expressing Yourself

When creating any piece of artwork, I think it should express a bit of yourself. What to include? Is there a special color, object or sentiment you would like to share? I have been adding decoupage articles to the last couple of painted pieces and have personalized them when teaching so each one is individualized. When you take the time to paint a piece, why not make it special by adding a personal touch. Here I've included a "garden walk article" that features my last and maiden name. The piece also features seed pods which I absolutely love. The color is nice and muted giving you a aged patina look that fits into my french country decor. There is also a paint chip swatch taped to the board in green, one of my favorite colors. Add the dimensional quality of the shadows and the trompe l'oeil effect and the piece is just perfect. So the next time you are designing, painting or decorating add a piece of yourself to your choices!

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