Monday, January 25, 2010

Word - Playful

The word for this week is playful.

There are many meanings for the main word play but I would like to share a couple that I really like. The verb meaning: to engage in recreation; frolic; to handle or behave lightly or absentmindedly; to perform for amusement.

Its noun meaning: the course of a game; recreational activity; the spontaneous activity of children; a brisk or light movement; scope for action.
I like to use playful items to set around my studio to remind me not to take things so seriously. I'm sharing my favorite little figurine with you so you can all feel the energy of her. She was given to me by a friend who knew me so well - don't you think? I love this photo because of the shadow cast behind her, it just makes me smile. So, do yourself a favor today and laugh out loud!

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