Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poppy Pod Painting

Today I taught pasted Poppy Pods at my local decorative painting chapter, Old Mill Decorative Painters, in Hobart Indiana. Using DecoArt's Decorating Paste and a palette knife the poppies stucco-like texture was a great addition to the piece. The tops of the pods actually were quite raised, more so than the poppies which had just a bit of texture. I also added paste to the thumb tack giving it some importance as well. The article was customized for each artist and their city so it personalized the artwork for the individual. The little round tag is a scrapbook find that included a sticky pad at the back for easy adhesion. The reflective pods at the bottom were done in pen and ink to add another texture to the piece and also something new to learn. Overall, the group learned a lot and all of the students went home with great looking pieces. So pull out your palette knife, a jar of decorating paste and start having some fun!

For information about Old Mill Decorative Painters you can go to - we have a great retreat planned for March!

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  1. Had a great time as usual. The project was learning project.