Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milk Weed Seeds

I love, love, love seed pods of any kind. Not only are they the end of a flowers life but to me they are also a beginning just waiting to happen. What careful attention was given to this species of flora so that they will live long lives.

This specimen is just a fascinating example of one for me. Not only do they have an interesting name, Milk Weed, but they are also an ugly bumpy teardrop shaped pod that when they crack open reveal these tiny little treasures of dazzle. The sun catches every extraordinary detail of the white fuzz that provides the airborne travel necessary for the seed pod taking it to its final location to sprout. Yes they are a weed, but I find them wonderful to watch and document from seed to seed.

I am totally jealous of natures beauty and humbled by its sense of humor. How else would something so hideous open to share such beauty?

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