Friday, January 15, 2010

Bird Stamp

I just loved this bird stamp when I saw it and have used it on several painting pieces but this one is my favorite because of its simplicity. It is put on a small paper mache box that I keep postage stamps in. For the design, I kept the stamp muted and let the egg (done in this years trend color - turquoise) take center stage. Notice how the stamp angle, string and small branch keep moving your eyes in a definite circular pattern bringing you all the way through your design. To me, that is so important and one many designers forget to do. My philosophy is once you have the viewers interest, try and keep it. It also helps you notice all the small details the more you study a piece of artwork. For instance, the soft shadow around the stamped tag, the darker one under the egg, the bright turquoise highlight on the tip of the top leaf - all details that would have been missed if you hadn't kept their attention focused. So the next time you are observing or doing a piece of art, see where your attention leads and try to bring it there again going over all the connecting pieces. Have fun and get creative!

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