Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ornamental Bird

While putting away the Christmas trees - yes, we leave ours up a couple extra weeks so we can enjoy them without the holiday rush of running from one place to another. So, I thought I would share my favorite bird ornament with you. This one with a fluffy feathered tail just looks fantastic with the lights on or off because of its brilliance. I even put it in a painting a couple of years ago for Painting Magazine. All of my trees have some kind of feathered bird and usually a fruit or floral ornament. I don't pack on the pretties because I do like to see the greenery from the tree. I look at them as an extension of the outside brought into the house. When it's time to decorate the tree again, give each ornament a little extra room so you can admire it for its beauty and unique qualities. After all, you are giving it a very special place in your home for all your family and friends to see so show it off to its best advantage.

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