Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dripping Wet

Some great words from the Thesaurus for "sparkle" - animation, bubble, dance, dash, dazzle, flash, flicker, glimmer, glint, glow, life, panache, radiance, shimmer, show, spark, twinkle, vivacity, wink, zip.

Which one is your favorite? I like dance because that's what the water drops do for me - dance in the light giving great depth and value. I promised the share my colored pencil rendering of the wet peony and here it is in all its glory. If you happen to be crazy enough to count all the drops, can you leave me a comment on this post? It was a lot of fun for me because the peony is my favorite flower and the water drops were just an added bonus that got my creativity hopping. Enjoy the dazzle!

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