Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden Garlic

This was one of the many photos I took at the Fair. I love the agricultural building where the vegetables, fruit and flower exhibits are and find a lot of inspiration between its doors. This is a garlic bulb complete with stalk and roots and one I find very intriguing because of all the various texture it offers. Not only does the top stalk start peeling away from the bulb but the tiny curls that are created are just visually stimulating. The bulb paper offers great color, the veining is terrific and the shape is quite unique. My favorite part though, those free formed wiggly roots still attached. I even like the fact that it is tied to the cardboard for stabilization and would include that in whatever I put this in. The roots give you movement, tremendous values and you could have a lot of fun with them. Tint them with the slight violet color you see on the bulb or hide a word in them. Let the viewer discover it and wonder why you put it there. Isn't that what art is all about?

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