Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trumpet Vine Pods

We had these trumpet vines along the road until a couple of years ago. I loved the intense orange color and the buzz of the hummingbirds but it was just so invasive. Now, had I noticed these interesting pods hanging from it I might have kept a piece. The pods are just starting and get smaller and thinner with age before they open and the seeds fall out. This delightful specimen was at the Fair and I just loved the various colors and shapes it offered me as an artist - vibrant melon flowers, sunny yellow round buds and brilliant chartreuse oblong pods - a summer time color scheme, don't you agree? It reminds me of going to a farmers market and coming home with all this wonderful bounty in the richest, warmest colors. There is just something magical about the season and I hope you are experiencing the same in your area!

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