Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artistic Thoughts Anyone?

I found this great sentence in Art Quilting Studio and wanted to share it with all of you..."for you, and the Starry Canopy". What kind of visions come into your head? Of course mine is thinking about the huge moon we saw last night tinted the most glorious yellow orange - sorry I don't have that photo to share with you. Instead this is one of my favorite stamps and to me it evokes a daVinci kind of quality. She seems to be quite in thought, maybe dreaming about last nights secretive interlude.

Today I looked towards the sky to see what wonders awaited me and I was pleasantly surprised by the great blue heron flying overhead. Upon further inspection the gently breeze was also helping the treetops sway from side to side creating a great fluid movement of the most luscious greens in just about every value possible.

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