Monday, June 14, 2010

NOLA Shutters

While being driven around by the wonderful Miss Sylvia, the New Orleans Chapter's hostess, I couldn't help but notice shutters of all sizes and shapes. They were quite intriguing since I have never seen them showcased in such a range of wonderful colors. There were various shades of red, orange, green, aquas and neutrals. I can almost bet you could find of every tone on a color wheel, after all it is a town full of eccentric artists. In fact, one was more fabulous than the other and I was so taken by their beautiful hues that I forgot to take pictures duh!

Here's one I just adore because of the off kilter shutter blades. Picture four in a row on this house front and you will get the idea of just how amazing the whole French Quarter was. Add cast or wrought iron railings, the intoxicating scent of flowers, a touch of jazz music filling the air and a steamy bit of humidity - yep, you are now in New Orleans!

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  1. Your commentary made me feel like I was there! :)