Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Splash of Green

Some Thesaurus words for "fluidity" - adjustable, aqueous, changeful, flexible, flowing, fluctuating, juicy, malleable, mercurial, mobile, mutable, running, shifting, unsettled, watery, variable.

I love to take photos after a rain because it makes me look for anything that the waterdrops are showing up on. This single leaf contains so many drops that I couldn't count them all but knew it was a great study in light and shadow. I am very intrigued by the tiny droplets than the larger ones because they are just so small and seem to be clustered together more. I would have also put drops everywhere but liked to see the negative spaces clear of water. I don't know why they aren't there but it sure makes the leaf a little more interesting doesn't it? I hope you are looking for watery subjects, I know my weather has been supporting this word for a couple of weeks now. Let me know if you stumble upon something fantastic to share. I'll be waiting...

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