Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eggtraordinary Color

These brilliant blue treasures were hiding in the "perfect spot" nest shared with you in yesterday's post, aren't they gorgeous? The mother robin just sat quietly in a neighboring tree while I took photos of her youngsters in the making. She is quite use to me by now since I'm always looking into the nests of all the trees holding the camera up in the air to see if I can get a good shot. Luckily this one turned out great and shows you the fabulous blue color of the eggs. We, the puppies and I, are discovering egg fragments along the bottom of the tree so the babies are hatching already. I'll have to wait a couple weeks until I shoot them again with my camera, don't want to scare the mom too much. Have you seen any wonderful spring time wonders? I hope you have been lucky enough to observe natures hidden treasures - she does have a wonderful eye for color doesn't she? I'm thankful she lets us share in the many tiny discoveries because it is a delightful treat for me everyday!

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