Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pink Profusion

Here they are just as I promised, a close up of the prairie fire crab apple in full bloom. Isn't the color magnificent? I would love to paint these as large as possible because I know they would make a fantastic statement and brighten any room no matter the size. With all the various values this photo offers from the pale pink in the highlights, rich magentas as the base and the deep red violet shades, how could any artist go wrong? I'm not thinking they could unless they didn't enjoy flowers. I also think this would make a great graphic art statement. Squint your eyes and just look at the dark and lights because it creates wonderful shapes that could be blocked in with bold color. Imagine the extreme picture it would make - hummm, I may have to explore this a little further in the future because this visualization has given me many possibilities I wasn't thinking about earlier. What a great surprise to be sharing with you and get myself inspired - thank you for that!! Don't you just love the power of words?

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