Friday, May 14, 2010

Crab Apple Quiche?

Yes, another nest but I just had to take the photo because of the wonderful touch of red added by the crab apples. I elongated the photo cropping to stretch out the tree giving the nest more importance and your concentrated attention. The catchy title, well hopefully it made you read this post and it was fun to think of. A little humor goes a long way sometimes!

The sun was finally shining today after several days of dreary weather so I can't wait to get into the yard tomorrow and get some things cleaned up. Of course my camera will come out when we are ready to take a break. It's a little adventure for the puppies and me to see what is coming up in the garden. The irises are starting so I'll be able to share our many varieties with you. I also noticed the poppies blooming in town so I'll have to walk to the neighbors because they have a whole section of them. The orange is just so striking this time of year and they always make me smile with their bright and cheery demeanor. I hope when you see the streak of orange, you will have a big smile on your face - enjoy the sunshine!

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