Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vibrancy Defined

We received this wonderful azalea from my dad when we moved here and it is doing great. It loves the spot we put it and I can see its beautiful color everyday from my studio window. With the sunshine on it, the striking color combination of the vibrant magenta and lime green really makes it spectacular wouldn't you agree? I also love the shadows on the stamen falling gently on the curving petals. For me, this is the reason to take the photo. The speckled dots are the stamen heads, who knew they had so many gathered in the center of the flower? It is an interesting composition as well, the only thing I would change is to eliminate the bud at the top center left because I find it distracting. Hummm, colored pencil or acrylics, not sure which medium would be best for its intensity so I'll have to do a bit of thinking for that answer. Enjoy the flowers and treasure their brilliance while they last!

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