Friday, May 28, 2010


I spent a couple hours today on the riding mower. Now, I don't mind this except for those grueling hot, humid days and today wasn't one of them. It was nice, cool, with a gentle breeze and bright sunshine so I really enjoyed it. It gives me time to think with nothing else but green grass on my mind and the wind in my hair. Today's topic was what to do for the colored pencil of the month club. I have wanted to do a butterfly for a while now but just haven't found the right one. The iris and peonies are in bloom as well as the foxgloves, poppies, daisies and roses. Here's the Fantasy Foxgloves I did last August for the colored pencil club. I picked them because of the cool little fibers sticking out all over the place adding a bit of mystery to the whole piece. I kept the front flower in bright colors while placing the back bloom medium dark to fade away into the paper choice. It is one of my favorites so I hope I can come up with something just as intriguing this month. Wish me luck, creativity and please send caffeine :)

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